You may recognize this picture – if not, it’s from our first time participating as MoBros in Movember 2016. This year we wrap up our 4th MOVEMBER, albeit in much different fashion than the last few years. Our traditional fundraising efforts are executed through our passions for collaboration & building community – our industry events that raise awareness in both a fun and rewarding atmosphere. We have adapted to constantly changing PHO’s with internal fundraising incentives to motivate & educate our team, but like everyone else, this year we had to adjust our methods.

BrOmega MOchanical” has consistently approached Movember with a warm-hearted, but also serious attitude.  Growing the ‘stache in unity creates a unique sense of community. Meanwhile our motivation behind choosing to participate remind us of the most challenging issues in men’s health. Every November, we look forward to setting new fundraising goals & planning innovative events to help us get there.  Most importantly, we reflect on our motivation and why we choose to support one of the most innovative not-for-profit charities in the world. To date, our efforts to have raised over $45,000.00 for the Movember foundation. This year, Shannon led the Broadway Boys team, raising a whopping $3,046.00. With a diverse group of men making up 100% of our service team, and we are proud to support a cause that addresses the most prominent issues in men’s health. Shannon’s fundraising efforts placed her on the Canadian leaderboard for Top 2020 MoSisters. Way to go Shannon! 

Broadway’s 2020 Movember Motivation is to contribute to the global conversation on mental health by amplifying the voices of our BROmega team members by:

  • Destigmatize experiences for men and women in trades living with mental health issues
  • Normalize conversations around anxiety, depression, and other mental health topics in the skilled trades industry

Everyone has mental health, but we become stronger when we openly discuss and support those who’s struggles are also amplified with financial, health, and environmental stresses. We believe that to successfully build stronger teams, we need to first build and maintain strong culture – a culture that works and listens to everyone. A culture where everyone feels like their voice can be heard.