June 22nd is National HVAC Technician Day. Alongside our clients, our technicians are the backbone of the Broadway Refrigeration Service Department. We are honored to have a group of experts that each bring a unique skill set to the Broadway service team. The HVAC/R industry, based on the fundamental principles of refrigeration, is constantly growing and evolving. Today, we recognize our technicians and their dedication to personal development and training to stay up to date with contemporary technology and industry techniques.


They invest their time in training and development that will further the technological advancements of the HVAC/R industry. Central heating and air systems date back to the early 1900s. However, advances in technology give clients more control over indoor comfort, cost control, and environmental impact than ever before. Broadway Refrigeration techs stay current with technology through in-house training in the latest sustainable systems such as high efficiency rooftop systems, variable refrigeration flows (VRF) systems and high efficiency boiler and pump technologies. Broadway belongs to the Union 516 which requires and encourages continuous education to ensure technicians are up to date on the industry’s requirements of skills. We are lucky to have a group of techs who are so passionate about investing so much time in perfecting their trade!

They make our lives more comfortable. AC in the summer, heat in the winter, and clean-air all year round! Today, many of us take indoor comfort for granted. It is our technicians who keep our HVAC systems running, day and night.  HVAC techs face all weather conditions to restore the comfort of our commercial, residential, and institutional spaces. Rooftops, attics, basements, and all points in between is where you’ll find an HVAC technician on the job.

They help us and our partners achieve our sustainability goals. Regular maintenance provided by your expert HVAC technician, ensures your system is running at peak efficiency. This prevents energy waste, minimizes wear and tear, and prevents damage that can shorten the life of your system. The opportunity to select and maintain efficient heating and cooling systems, results in the reduction of energy waste and reduces your carbon footprint. Broadway Refrigeration seeks to educate clients on the latest green technology, while our service technicians  apply it on the ground through a variety of green operating solutions.


John is a Red Seal Certified Journeyman with an interprovincial ticket in Refrigeration. He has been a part of the Broadway team for 14 years.  John’s hands-on field input helps improve the delivery and commissioning of mechanical systems for Broadway clients ranging across industries. John is Broadway’s General Foreman and the lead of field operations for Broadway’s HVAC installations. His leadership capabilities and technical skills are delivering a successful HVAC installation under a very tight schedule, managing a team of skilled foremen. John has worked on many memorable projects, including his recent role as HVAC Superintendent at Parq Casino, the largest construction project completed in the lower mainland in the past 5 years.

Justin is a Red Seal Certified Journeyman, Class B Gasfitter with an interprovincial ticket in Refrigeration. He has been a part of the Broadway Service team for 7 years, and in the HVAC industry for 13 years.  Justin has many certifications, including his lift certification, elevated work safety, CFC Control/Transport, WHIMIS/MSDS. His positive attitude provides him the opportunity to excel in a team environment, build genuine connections with clients, and continue his career development through training opportunities in the HVAC industry.