Last year, 192,500 skilled tradespeople made up nearly 10% of British Columbia’s total workforce.

Everyday, tradespeople keep our businesses, homes, city infrastructure, roads, water systems, and power grids running flawlessly. Since 1957, we have served clients across Western Canada.  Our extensive team of trade-qualified technicians are the foundation of Broadway’s construction, retro-fit, service, and maintenance capabilities.

On third Friday of September, we honor the men and women whose technical skills and hard work build our society. Today is National Tradesmen Day, a day dedicated to the individuals who keep our industries running strong. Today, we honor the tradespeople of Broadway Refrigeration. 


“HVAC & a career in the trades allows me to live a life that I can enjoy – good hours, great pay. I am able to work hard for what I want, then achieve a sustainable work-life balance to enjoy the things I’ve earned”.


“Your rewards in life are in direct proportion to your service”. – Earl Nightingale 

“I live a blessed life because a career in the trades has afforded me the opportunity to serve every day in a variety of rewarding ways.  HVAC is necessary to almost every existing facility in our society… so I have had the chance to work in every place imaginable. I have also expanded my network from my trades career due to the variety of individuals in the industry. These experiences matured my perspectives from a young age and I could not be more thankful for twists and turns I have faced on my path.

With almost 20 years in the trade, I can definitely say that I find the most joy in 2 aspects of my role as business development manager. Serving our customers and mentoring our apprentices, so that they too, can find passion in the trade and love what they do.”

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“I tried the traditional approach to a formal post-secondary education… so not only have I heard it’s not for everyone… I truly agree that it isn’t.

There is a unique sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes alongside the completion of a material, tangible project- we are building fixtures of all sizes that will stand much longer than we will.

People often talk about the sense of accomplishment that from building with your hands, but I think trades is much more than that. I have experienced immeasurable growth and opportunity that I have experienced from choosing this as my career path. Time management, money management, decision making – these skills are not trade-specific. The trades have taught me transferrable, valuable skills that I have used across all levels of my career. From the tools, to my NCSO designation, and now working towards my CRSP, I was taught that I can be who or what I want, given I take initiative and have enough foresight.

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