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What can you expect from us on-site?

We meet your needs with a team of well-rounded and experienced technicians. Our people are committed to their trade and to providing the very best customer service. That means that you are given the expertise, integrity and professionalism that you deserve.

Our technicians not only provide systems that work, but also completely satisfy your needs. Our staff is experienced–many have been with us for 20 to 30 years. We also dedicate specific technicians to your building so that they become familiar with your unique operating conditions.

As part of a rapidly changing high-tech industry, we train our staff regularly. We offer in-house training, bring in experts to conduct seminars, and pay for accredited courses. Our employees combine their field expertise with the newest theoretical knowledge and apply both to the realities of your building. Each technician is empowered to find creative solutions to your HVAC problems to save you time and reduce your operating costs.

We firmly believe that the very best long-term HVAC solutions come from having people with specialized HVAC skills design, supply, and install systems. Our specialized engineers have the hands-on experience to work closely with you and your team during building design and planning stages. Like you, we want your building to be a comfortable environment. Our staff is dedicated to providing it and our culture empowers them to do it.

Project management

Bill MacPherson

Director of Tower and Commercial Projects
Cell: 604-626-3443

Lee Zirk, P.Eng

Director of Tower and Commercial Projects
Cell: 604-825-1061

Rafal Choroba

Project Manager
Cell: 778-231-8224

Mike Zirk

Project Manager
Cell: 604-715-9561

Gary Martin

Project Manager
Cell: 604-250-3420

Chris Hahn

Project Manager
Cell: 604-727-2411

Kyle Labbe

Project Manager, Special Projects
Cell: 604-825-1706

Service and Retrofit Department

Shannon Maybin

Director, Sales and Business Development
Cell: 778-668-7391

Chris Wrobel

Director, Operations and Quality
Cell: 604-825-8538

Kathryn Rogers

Technical Sales Representative
Cell: 778-773-3302

Evelyn Pajak

Technical Sales Representative
Cell: 604-561-7390

Daryl McDonnell

Technical Sales Representative
Cell: 778-773-3301

Joe Montague

Technical Sales Representative
Cell: 604-626-9757

Derek Seguin

Technical Sales Representative
Mobile: 604-825-6865

Dawna Meersseman

Service Coordinator
Ph: 604-255-2461

Amanda Estrada

Service Coordinator
Ph: 604-255-2461

Michelle Choquette

Contract Administration and Invoicing
Ph: 604-255-2461

Stella Lin

Service Billing Clerk
Ph: 604-255-2461

Project Coordination

Kyle Parhar

Project Coordinator
Cell: 604-725-7455

George Fernando

Construction Sales Assistant
Cell: 604-725-0405

Darryl Brown

Project Coordinator
Cell: 604-724-5795

Bryan Juan

Project Coordinator
Cell: 604-825-9582

Martin Young

Project Coordinator
Cell: 604-789-8992

finance & Accounting

Greg Smith

Ph: 604-255-2461

Dava Bishop

Director, Finance and Accounting
Ph: 604-255-2461

Alison Patrick

Accounts Payable
Ph: 604-255-2461

Doris Wagner

Accounts Receivable and Payroll
Ph: 604-255-2461

Kath Bremner

Ph: 604-255-2461

Elizabeth Pais

Accounts Payable and Invoicing
Ph: 604-255-2461

Tammy Koert

HR and Operations Manager
Ph: 604-255-2461