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Broadway’s design/build assist approach saves you both time and money.

We’ve met some of B.C.’s most complex system demands through this process in a wide range of buildings. We understand how essential it is to keep people comfortable and business moving. We come into your initial discussions and function as a part of your team to help you meet the goals for your building.

From these meetings, we determine what it is that you need to accomplish and how your HVAC system can help you do that. We establish a budget early on in the design process to prevent cost overruns and the need to re-engineer after a bid process.


Our specialty engineers take your objectives into account and then design the right system to meet your needs.

Throughout the process, our design professionals coordinate with you and your team–from architects to consultants to general contractors–to both assess what you need now and to anticipate any future changes. Our focus on cost control begins with excellent engineering and continues with construction that runs smoothly.

We value-engineer reliable systems to meet your performance requirements, fit your project budgets, meet your sustainability objectives, and minimize your energy and maintenance costs. The benefits of the design/build assist model make it an increasingly in-demand service.