What makes a ‘good’ salesperson?  Is it dedication? Empathy? The ability to listen or build rapport?  The cognitive ability to ‘rinse and repeat’ refining their process… could it really be hard work?

Today is National Salesperson Day, and we are taking this opportunity to spotlight a steadfast staple in the Broadway organization. An industry professional with a positive attitude and an unforgettable sense of humor – Daryl McDonnell has been an integral member of the Broadway service team for 28 years. 

In our eyes, Daryl is not only a ‘good salesperson’… but a GREAT team member. The Broadway team shared why. 

“I am forever indebted to Daryl, he has helped me get to where I am today; welcomed teaching and guiding me with patience and encouragement.  An absolute legend.” – Shannon

Shannon Maybin

Director of Sales, Service

“Daryl embodies all the qualities that define being the best in his field.  His professionalism and dedication to serve his clients is second to none.  One of the reasons I was so drawn to returning to Broadway was to get an opportunity to work alongside one of the best in the industry.” – Willy

Willy Chou, RSE

Business Development Manager, Service

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Daryl for 15 years. He has always exemplified high levels of focus, empathy, responsibility and optimism. Daryl, you have been a mentor, Thank you!” – Rafal 

Rafal Choroba

Principal, Broadway - Omega

“Stalwart of our business because of his integrity, humility and respect for clients and colleagues alike. A true professional in every regard.” – Greg 

Greg Smith


“One of the most important things Daryl has taught me is that no problem exists that we can’t find a solution for.  Daryl’s leadership and understanding qualities are truly inspiring.” – Justin

Justin Kasa

HVAC/R Foreman, Service

“I met Daryl 28 years ago when he first started at Broadway. Back then, I was a bit worried that he was ‘too nice’, and wouldn’t last long in the industry – but here he is still going strong. He has a unique, dry sense of humor – many times, I have heard him quietly dispatch many a killer line. Above all, Daryl is trustworthy, dedicated, hardworking, and after 28 years, he is still ‘nice’.” – Alison

Alison Patrick

Accounts Payable

“I have worked with Daryl for over 25 years. He is a leader in our company and industry. His knowledge and experience makes him a reliable resource for his clients and co-workers. He is always positive and upbeat. I have always enjoyed working with him.” – Bill 

Bill MacPherson

Director of Towers and Commercial Projects , Broadway Construction

“It’s been 11 years working with the ‘Legendary’ Daryl! Projects, large or small, complicated or not, nothing is impossible with this guy! ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS’. Thanks for making our jobs way easier!” – Rene

Rene Redaon

HVAC/R Foreman, Service

“Daryl has been a steady force in the Service Department over the last 28 years. He is a fountain of knowledge, a great mentor, team member, and always provides excellent guidance and work ethic. It’s been a privilege having worked with him for 22 years. He is the Luke Skywalker of the Broadway Saga – essential to our storyline & the definition of a true gentlemen.” – Doris

Doris Wagner

Payroll/Accounts Receivable

“Daryl has taught me commitment and to never compare myself to others.  He has been a great mentor and friend to me over the last 25 years!!!” – Kathy 

Kathryn Rogers

Technical Sales, Service

This one goes out to you Daryl! Thank you for your time, knowledge, and your years of devotion. With more energy than your average apprentice, 28 years is just another day on the calendar. To connect with Daryl, email him at or call us at 604-255-2461